Resilient bedroom and common area FF&E

When you’re looking to create inspiring and liveable student spaces for common areas and bedrooms, our student accommodation furniture packages strike the right note between budget and comfort. Reflect the unique needs of your campus and your students with in-house interior design services, custom manufacturing, and a huge range of fabrics and finishes.

Australia’s leading student accommodation FF&E supplier

Bringing your campus FF&E project together on time and within budget can be a challenge. We can take charge of:

  • planning and design
  • budgets and project management (using our proprietary SOMM software)
  • creating prototypes to match your project brief
  • scheduling refurbishment for semester breaks to minimise lost revenue
  • practical and pleasant room layouts.
  • custom manufacturing from Australia and overseas.

What students expect from their bedroom furniture

Students expect their accommodation to adapt to their needs and schedule. Long hours studying — and socialising — means comfort is a priority for students. As student accommodation providers, we know student furniture might not have the easiest life, so our designs prioritise style and durability. Our bespoke bedroom and common areas furniture packages maximise space for a private, comfortable and safe place to live and study.

Students expect:

  • High quality furniture
  • Comfortable mattress, pillows and bedding
  • Well-fitted window coverings to keep out the morning sun
  • Creative and inspiring common areas to study and socialise

Meeting the challenge of high-traffic common areas

The most popular spaces on campus? Shared spaces like communal kitchens, study areas, breakout areas and game rooms. With heavy use year after year, these spaces demand durability and high quality materials.

Get your student accommodation FF&E ready for campus