Redefine rentals and maximise ROI from day one

Together with build to rent leaders, we’re redefining how tenants rent and live in high-density apartments. Build-to-rent is a relatively new asset-class in Australia and New Zealand — and we’re working with property developers to offer FF&E solutions to attract long-term tenants. As part of the build-to-rent business model, we’re a long-term partner ensuring units remain consistently well-furnished and maintained throughout the investment lifecycle.

Every time furniture and FF&E moves along with another tenant, you risk damage to your property and a lack of consistency with building rights management. Streamline tenant experiences with furnished options across Australia and NZ. Maximise capacity to attract and keep long-term tenants.

How we partner on the build to rent business model

If you’re furnishing a build to rent project, we’ll design a suite of packages to suit your room layout design and interior scheme. Our packages ensure consistent room inventory for the building and support across:

  • planning and budgeting
  • interior design and floor layout
  • tailored manufacturing (Australia and overseas)
  • inventory management
  • delivery and installation
  • aftercare service
  • personalised refurbishment and replacement catalogue
  • ongoing service and maintenance.