Boost occupancy with an affordable refresh

Increase occupancy rates and customer satisfaction with a partial, staggered or complete refurbishment package to transform your accommodation. If your resort or hotel needs a fresh start, or you’ve had a run of bad online reviews, we can help design, manufacture and install FF&E to modernise your property one step at a time. We can tailor manufacturing in Australian and overseas to meet your needs.

We love the challenge of refurbishments so much, we built our own in-house software program — SOMM. SOMM helps us manage refurbishments across owner-occupied multi-unit buildings that have an added layer of complexity and financial milestones to meet. Talk to us about optimising the long-term value of your assets through smart and strategic refurbishment.

Build a personalised refurbishment catalogue

For maximum return on investment, you need consistent room inventory and well-designed guest rooms that keep occupancy rates and return visits up.

Ongoing refurbishment is simplified with your personalised refurbishment catalogue: a detailed record of every piece ordered for future replacement or update. Your refurbishment catalogue evolves to reflect your FF&E choices, minimise revenue displacement and cut replacement costs.

Types of refurbishments to refresh property

  • Staggered refurbishment across an entire property
  • Partial refurbishment focussed on one floor or set of rooms
  • A refurbishment focussed solely on:
    • soft furnishings
    • kitchen and dining equipment
    • case goods
    • beds, mattresses and manchester

Bringing it together at the right time

Your dedicated project manager monitors every detail from lost days to weather or supply issues. Our supply chain partnerships, network of furniture transport operators and storage facilities in Australia and New Zealand means we can stay flexible. We can move delivery times with 2 weeks notice, so your launch schedule stays on track.

Maximise ROI with smart and strategic refurbishment projects